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Chicken & Rice Guys Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Lawsuit

An anonymous tip has launched an investigation into a local Middle Eastern restaurant chain Chicken & Rice Guys and its fleet of food trucks. Boston Inspectional Services intervened on April 11, 2017, by shutting down operations of all Greater Boston area locations and road-worthy trucks. Seven cases of E. coli food poisoning have been linked to the Chicken & Rice Guys’ hub location in Allston, Massachusetts.

Three restaurant locations and four food trucks are involved in the investigation as they were all supplied by the Allston location. Boston Inspectional Services Commissioner William Christopher Jr. spoke to the Boston Globe on April 11, 2017 about the agency’s involvement in the investigation. He stated, “[w]e’re taking this very seriously. People are getting sick.” He confirmed he did not know the condition of the victims during the time of his interview and that a specific source has not yet been identified. The agency remained onsite at the Allston location to inspect the premises. Commissioner Christopher confirmed that he and other agents will be meeting with the company’s owner on April 12, 2017.

Meanwhile, the company is remaining mum about the outbreak and its involvement. They commented on their website on April 11, 2017 only that:

“ATTN: All trucks flocking home early today!#LunchCancelled! #lf”
4:08 pm / April 11th 2017

“ATTN: Our Milk St. Truck is closed. We were so close...#GeneratorProblems#LF”
2:52 pm / April 11th 2017

Commissioner Christophe confirmed one Chicken & Rice Guys’ location, in Medford, is still open. The Boston Inspectional Services does not have the authority to close the location, as it is outside of the Greater Boston area. It is surprising, however, that the company did not voluntarily close the restaurant in light of the outbreak.

Food and E. coli

E. coli is one of the most dangerous of foodborne pathogens. Anyone can suffer from food poisoning after ingesting food contaminated with E. coli. It is encouraged to seek medical attention if you have recently eaten food from Chicken & Rice Guys and have become ill. Symptoms of an E. coli infection may include: vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, severe watery diarrhea, potentially bloody diarrhea, and possibly a low grade fever. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to more severe symptoms and potential future complications. These could include the development of hemolytic uremic syndrome, a form of kidney failure, and central nervous system issues.

If you or someone in your family has become ill after eating food from The Chicken & Rice Guys, it is a good idea to seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor can easily perform a routine stool test to determine if E. coli is the bacteria that made you sick. It generally takes one to nine days for the signs and symptoms of E. coli to develop.

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